Thursday, 15 August 2019

Festival of Quilts 2019

I hadn't planned to got to the Festival of Quilts this year but I found I had free time so I decided to go for it. I drove down as I only live an hour & a half away.

Unfortunately my photos don't do the quilts justice. There were some fantastic quilts! I've not taken photos of the winning quilts as they weren't my cup of tea so the ones I'm showing are my personal favourites. 

I really loved this quilt, the colours were amazing!

The work that's gone into this

This quilt is made by Helen Pinnington AKA Henhouse Homemade on Instagram and on Blogger (although she is more active on Instagram)

The quilt is hand pieced using vintage embroidered cloths and vintage fabric, it was beautiful! 

Part 2 and maybe 3 to come

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Marit Johanne said...

So many beautiful quilts!It must have been exciting and inspiring to look at all the quilts.