Saturday, 22 September 2018

Summer 2018 knitting and quilting!

You wouldn't think it but I am consistently working on something. I don't have many finishes as I have a nasty habit of doing big projects that take ages so I rarely have anything to show for the hours I put in.

I showed this last time I posted. I'm working on the third quarter but haven't done much this summer as it has just been too hot! and currently I'm in a knitting mood, not a sewing mood! 

I also didn't do much knitting over the summer due to the heat but I've picked it up again with a vengeance now it is cooler. I watch a lot of podcasts, especially knitting ones. One of the ones I have been watching - 'Little Bobbins' starts a new pair of socks on Christmas Eve. Lots of people joined her this year and I joined in too!  This pattern is a free pattern on Raverly called the 'Mercury' socks and the yarn is handyed yarn by Yan Tan Tethra yarns on Etsy, the colourway is 'Holidays'. I got the first sock done quite quickly but the second one languished in the knitting basket as I had gone wrong on the pattern and just didn't get round to sorting it out, anyway I picked them up again at the beginning of the month and finished them the week before last. They need blocking as does the cowl I'm showing further down, I'm hoping to do that tomorrow!

I've been doing a lot of 'knitting in the wild' this month. We were away in Scotland last week so lots of miles in the car and drinking coffee!

I finished this cowl yesterday. I started it on 7th September, the quickest knit I've ever done! It is 'The Land of Sweets' cowl by Helen Stewart (on Raverly, paid for pattern) It is knit from 4ply (fingering) weight mini skeins of handyed yarn. It was a joy to knit (even if I had to tink back several times as I can't count)

As I was coming up to finish the cowl I decided that I wanted to knit a shawl next. I've picked the 'Color Spell' shawl by Joji Locatelli (on Raverly, paid for pattern). I'm using several different handyed yarns for it.

Scollay cardigan by Karie Westermann

If you look at 'February 2018' post you will find explanations of these knitting projects. 

Harvest cardigan by TinCan Knits'

Stockbridge by Ysolda Teague

I was knitting this cardigan in a darker grey and in a smaller size. I decided it was going to be too small and the grey too dark so I recast it on, using the same yarn but in a lighter grey.

This jumper is a DK weight one out of  Knit Now magazine issue 79. It is now on Raverly and is called 'For the love of trees' designed by Heike Campbell (paid for pattern) I'm knitting it out of Drops merino extra fine 100% wool in colour 35. I have to concentrate on the pattern so it is slow going as I'm wanting to knit things I don't have to think about.

This little crochet blanket I started today, using 4ply scraps and Drops Flora in light grey heald together on a 4mm crochet hook - good old mindless going round and round!

I'm loving making this cosy memories blanket out of mini skeins that I have collected, such a good excuse to buy pretty yarn but in small quantities!

And last but not least is a new EPP project - 'Queen's Walk' by Sarah of Pretty Fabrics and Trims


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great socks, and I love that dark blue in the sweater.

mamasmercantile said...

My goodness what a feast for the eyes, so much to see and admire. I am in awe of the sock knitting, something I would love to master.