Friday, 20 July 2018

Summer 2018

I am really enjoying my summer this year. I don't normally like hot weather but I have really enjoyed it this time. We have been able to spend so much time outside, especially eating meals in the garden! I don't think we ate a meal outside last summer at all. 

This little monkey is going to be one on Sunday and she is just about walking, it has come on in leaps and bounds this week.

 I've not been knitting, as I get such hot hands in hot weather, the yarns sticks and I can't be doing with it,but earlier in the spring and summer worked on this hexi quilt which is a take on Vicki Bellino's 'Just Judie' quilt from her book 'English Paper Piecing'. I'm adapting to fit a king size bed. There are going to be 4 hexi panels with borders going through the middle and around the outside. I'm working on panel number 3 at present.

This month I have also started and finished 2017's December Daily book, which I'm pleased with.

I hate to say it but I've started preparing this Christmas's one as well!

Something else I've been up to, is moving my craft room around. Last August I bought this long Ikea folding table from E-bay as my previous table wasn't big enough. The table sat short side under the window and then into the middle of the room so there wasn't much space around it and I was finding I wasn't being very productive so I decided last weekend a change was needed. 

I now have the big open space I used to have in the middle of the room.

I've also had a really good declutter and tidy up, the room is now so much better! And I've started a new quilt!

This little man has been poorly this week. Mummy has been on nights so the children have been with me since Tuesday afternoon, (they go home today). He is fine now though, which is goon as there is a birthday party for a certain little girl on Sunday! 

We have been having some wonderful sunsets recently. This one was after the only heavy rain we have had for nearly 2 months!

It is nearly 2 months since Mum died. I'm doing fine, occasionally the fact that she is no longer here reduces me to tears and it is usually something small that sets me off. Her house needs to be cleared and put up for sale but I can't do that until I have got probate so that will be happening in the back end, hopefully! I will be glad when all that is sorted!


mamasmercantile said...

Where does the time go? One already, hope she has wonderful day.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice sewing space, and nice EPP quilt parts. Enjoy the party. We live over 3500 miles from our grandbaby, so, I doubt I'll get to attend many birthday parties.

Jo said...

When you have a de clutter it gives your mind some space to start something new and fresh. Your quilt looks lovely. Jo x