Thursday, 21 September 2017


Last week I took Mum up to Scotland for a weeks' holiday. We stayed in a little house in Gullane, near North Berwick. The weather wasn't brilliant but we did get out and about. One of our trips out was to see the Kelpies. These are an amazing sight, they stand 30 meters tall, on either side of a canal lock.

Whilst we were away I also got plenty of knitting time. I did contemplate taking my sewing machine but I'm glad I didn't as there wasn't really a suitable space to set it up.

I spend a good bit of time watching podcasts and saw some wonderful things being knitted, so I planned my Christmas knitting.

I saw this shawl pattern on Ali's podcast - Little Drops of Wonderful (sorry, I couldn't get the link!) and loved it! She has knitted this pattern 3 times! So this is part of my secret Christmas knitting!

I don't buy many magazines these days but when I go away I treat myself!

This issue of Simply Knitting is 163. I just loved this man's jumper and thought it perfect for Son of Mine for Christmas. The yarn is Drops Belle in colourway 7 - Zinc. I ordered it from Wool Warehouse whilst I was away and it was waiting for me when I got back.

It is a pattern written in the round which I love but you wouldn't credit how many mistakes I've made! (although I think there is a mistake in the pattern for the sleeve), the pattern is a 4 row pattern and easy to remember but I still have managed to get confused! The only other thing I'd say about this, is the yarn is splity so you have to watch it.

Last time I posted I showed this tiny bit of scrunched up knitting - 

it is now a blocked but not quite dry shawl! Done in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply, colourway Pennyroyal, pattern - a free pattern on Ravelry - The Oaklet shawl by Megan Goodacre.

My sock has also moved on - I had just turned the heel, I am now shaping for toe.

I have got a different pair of socks on the go too but I'll show you those next time.

I haven't touched my sewing machine again and I won't be able to for a few weeks as DD is moving house and needs my help and we go away again on the 30th of September for 6 days.


mamasmercantile said...

Wow so many projects on the go, I am in awe of your sock knitting. I really do need to take the lunge and give them a go but I get a mental block every time I start. Hope you have a lovely break away.

Anna Scarisbrick said...

Found the comments box, and forgot to talk about knitting yesterday. I've just finished a pair of socks, very similar, really enjoyed it. as my sewing machine is packed away I'm going to knit. Got a lovely cardigan kit from the wool zone!

Carin said...

Oh my, I love all your projects. Can't wait to see that shawl Highland peaks