Sunday, 2 April 2017

The last 6 months..... has plodded on as usual, for which I am eternally grateful! I rather like a quiet life!

Soaring Santa by Emma Congdon from issue 223 Cross
Stitch Crazy - I started this in November 2016 & I am further on than 
shown here!

In the craft department I have mainly knitting and doing cross stitch, which was my first love before I started quilting.

I completed this little pumpkin in time for Halloween!

I am currently working on a cross stitch of Venice which was in Cross Stitch Gold magazine.

Also I concentrated on journaling for the last third of 2016

I completed a 'December Daily' journal for the month of December. I was really pleased to complete this and I'll do a separate post on it. 

I haven't done any quilt piecing or quilting on the sewing machine since last May, I just haven't wanted to! But I have been working steadily on these Hexagon blocks from Katja Marek's New Hexagon book. I have really enjoyed doing these!

I always have a bit of knitting on the go, even if I don't finish it - lol. I have cast on this cardigan for my Mum. It is a pattern from People's Friend magazine and I am hoping to complete it for Christmas!

I have recently joined a charity knitting group. We are knitting baby things for our local hospital. I am really enjoying this. Unfortunately I've struggled with local quilting groups, I haven't fitted in well, I think it is me but I'm not sure what it is that is wrong so I'm leaving it for now but I will concentrate on this group as its' started so well. 

I also managed to make my own Christmas cards this year, which was an achievement!

 This was the first Christmas that we had the new fire! So 
new decorations for the mantelpiece!

Christmas happened! Certain bits looked a bit different due to last year's redecorations!

This little arrangement used to be on a shelf that we no longer have! 
It now resides on a sideboard in an alcove by the fireplace. 

I continue to look after Little Gromit whilst my daughter is at work. He is 3 now and a bit of a handful at times!

He has several passions - Lego and Duplo building, Play doh and transport of all kinds!

 At a recent wedding!

Son of Mine is still in Edinburgh, living with his girlfriend and seeming happy and settled!

The Oh! Bearded One and I are fine, although we have had cold after cold (courtesy of Little Gromit) since Christmas and Oh! Bearded One has had awful trouble with his sinuses! 

He is 65 in June and could retire but he doesn't feel ready to and wants to continue working for another couple of years.

 You may remember I broke my foot in October 2015. It was a Lisfranc injury and even now I still am getting a little bit of pain and stiffness in it which has made me reluctant to be as active as I need to be, hopefully it may improve more over the Spring and Summer. Also Osteoarthritis in my thumbs is a complete pain - only allowing me to work on things for short periods! I have just got a thumb splint so I'll see how that goes!

DD has another baby in July - a little girl, which is exciting and scary at the same time! Neither of us is sure how we will cope, I'm sure we will in the end!

At present I am spending some money on the house! We have had a new mattress and bedding in our room and there are other new things on the horizon that I will post about as they happen!

Right! off to finish packing, we go to Madeira tomorrow!