Tuesday, 22 March 2016

March update..

I have been very remiss in not posting about a swap I took part in back in February. 
It was organised by Tracey from 'Mad about Bags' and it was called 'Send a little love' - a heart shaped theme!

My partner was Kimberley of  'Creative Chaos', she lives in New Zealand.

There was chocolate but that has been eaten! also a nice pen, that I have mislaid at present! I used the heart shaped cookie cutters as templates for 2 blocks in my Splendid Sampler -  Thank you Kimberley!

This is what I sent Kimberley - I hope you don't mind me pinching your photo! Thank you!
(Kimberley's photo, as I forgot to take one before I sent the parcel)

I have also taken part in Kimberley's 2016 edition of 'Send us your country'

My partner for this swap was Melanie from 'The Patchwork Robin'. Melanie lives in Derby in the UK. Funnily enough I lived in Derby as a small child as my Dad worked for Roll Royce aerospace.

My parcel arrived this morning!

Thank you so much, Melanie, I love the pincushion and the covered buttons, the chocolate will go down a treat as well!

I've done some sewing too! This little quilt is made from a Moda 'Hello Luscious' charm pack that I've had in my stash for a while. I got the pattern from a magazine but I'm not sure which one as I had ripped the pages out and just kept them. 

Some more 'Splendid Sampler' blocks. I'm not caught up at present, I've got 2 & a half to do.

I am going to hand quilt them and 'quilt as you go'. Some ladies are putting lovely sashings on but doing wide sashings is going to make the quilt bigger than I want, by my calculation it will be around 70 inches square as it is!
I need to get cracking on the hand quilting as I will get too far behind.

I've got a pile of 'Speedwell' blocks coming on

and I've got another Christmas quilt cut out - this is 'Double Square Star' from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I love Jenny's 'You Tube' videos, they are easy to follow and the results are good.  

This quilt is also a Missouri Star Quilt Company one - 'Quatrefoil'. Jenny uses a layer cake for hers but I've used fat quarters. 

Right, I'm off to play catch up on my 'Splendid Sampler quilt 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Scraps & current projects

At the moment I am finding myself worrying about scraps! We all have them don't we? We cut into lovely fabric to make quilts and then we end up with loads of scraps and we wonder what to to do with them. I do keep them organised and I put them into boxes as I go. I keep 1.5", 2", 2.5, 3.5" and 5" squares and strips.

8.5" unfinished block using 4 patch out of 1.5" squares and 2.5" squares

My 1.5" and 2.5" boxes are getting quite full so I what to make something out of them. I thought I would make a couple of lap quilts using the blocks above. I belong to a Facebook page that lists various causes that are asking for quilts. I am going to sew these up as my leader & ender project (see Bonnie Hunter)

HSTs measuring 1.5" finished, from my 'Charming Stars' quilt, this is going to be a sewing case

I also have a tin that is full of HSTs that have been cut from various stars blocks & projects. I know some quilters would throw these out but I can't bring myself to as they represent money paid for fabric so I am trying to think up small projects that I can make to use them up.

As you have seen before I've made a few of these bags - this was to use up some of the 2.5" squares, the trouble is, since I've made these I've added a load more squares to the box!

These Wild & Goosey blocks are great for using up irregular shaped pieces so I am keeping going with these.

I've got 'Speedwell' cut out so now to sew it!

and I've added 2 more blocks to my 'Splendid Sampler'