Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas is a coming......

I started putting my Christmas decorations up the last week of November as I knew it would take me a week with my foot problems - I was right! We have had some deary, wet, dark days this month and it has been nice to have the twinkly lights.

Conservatory tree

Sitting room tree

Free standing ornaments

Little Gromit 'helping' it kept him entertained for hours!

While we were getting the Christmas decorations out of the loft we got SofM's Duplo out for Little Gromit, he has loved it, This Duplo is the best part of 20 years old and includes a train set and and a zoo. And just wait until he is old enough for the Lego we have got stored! Some of that goes back over 40 years as it was mine!

The Christmas cakes and pudding are made courtesy of DD, she is going to ice the cakes tomorrow!

Talking of DD, it was her birthday on the 11th, she was 28!! I'm not old enough to have a daughter of 28!

Every so often I get to go on a day out with the Oh! Bearded One when he is working. This week he was working in York and Scarborough.

Shop windows in York

A market stall selling Christmas wreaths

I only had an hour in York. You would think it wasn't worth going all that way for an hour but it is amazing what you can do in a hour and my foot couldn't have stood much more ( I am still walking with crutches and have been told I've another six weeks before I'm pain free!)

We then went onto Scarborough which was a bit cold and windy! But it was lovely to see the sea in December!

Unusually for me I haven't done any crafting for Christmas other than starting a 'December Daily' book and a little knitting here and there.