Wednesday, 25 November 2015


..............thought I would catch up.

As you will be aware I broke the base of my 2nd Metatarsal and damaged some ligaments and tendons whilst out walking. It is a month since I did it and it is improving but I've got a long way to go. It appears that it is a mild Lisfranc injury and I've been very lucky as Lisfranc injuries can be very serious and many of them require surgery. 

These 2 photos show the bruising and swelling when I first did it. The visible bruising has gone now but the top of my foot feels bruised when it is touched and there is still a little bit of swelling present. I spent the first 10 days partial weight bearing with crutches...

......then I went into this boot and non-weight bearing for 2 weeks, now I am still wearing the boot but I am partially weight bearing again with crutches. Using the crutches has been murder and I hired a knee scooter which was a great help in the house whilst I was none weight bearing. I'm not using it in the house now but I will use it outside if I'm out for any length of time. 

I'm hoping when I go back on the 9th of December I will be allowed to wear a normal shoe and will be allowed to drive. This broken foot has caused all sorts of problems! - not being able to help my Mum and not being able to have Little Gomit.

Flowers that the ladies at Sandbach Sew & Sews sent me which was a lovely surprise. I've only managed to go twice since I joined. Thank you so much,ladies. I might get in December if I am able to drive.

Stepping Stones

You would think that because I've had the opportunity to sit on my bottom for a month, I would have done loads of sewing. No! I've been in a really funny place and I've not wanted to do very much. Before I broke my foot I was looking into art journaling. I've had a go but I haven't been happy with anything I've done so I haven't got anything to show you. I will keep having a go though. 

At the weekend I gave myself a stern talking to and since then I've been more productive. I've got the binding finished on the quilt in the photo. This is 'Stepping Stones' from one of Pam & Nicky Lintott's books. It was started in August 2009 and finished today! I've got another quilt that is also nearly finished, hopefully, I can show it later in the week.