Saturday, 24 October 2015

Catch up......

........since we went to Venice I haven't really done any sewing or knitting other that sewing half a quilts' binding on at the weekly quilting group I go to. The problem with that is I don't get to go weekly depending on when I have Little Gromit.

What I have been doing is getting into journaling and art journaling but more of that another time.

At the very end of September DD & I took Mum away for a week, to stay with her good friends that run a hotel in Branscombe, near Seaton in Devon. It was rather bitter sweet for her as before Dad was too poorly they used go down twice a year.

The weather was unbelievably good, hot and sunny!

Little Gromit, who is now 20 months, was able to go on the beach several times.

He loved it and keeps talking about now.

We had such a nice week, even though I went down with shingles, fortunately very mildly.

Next week I'll post about a shawl swap and my art journal. 


mamasmercantile said...

Wow, how time flies, Little Grommit has grown into a lovely looking little man. Sounds like a great break with the exception of shingles of course. Take care.

Diane-crewe said...

apart from the shingles (!) it sounds as if you had a wonderful time xx