Tuesday, 27 October 2015

On Sunday.....

Oh! Bearded One! & myself headed for Edale in Derbyshire for a walk.

It was a lovely autumn day.

Edale is a pretty Derbyshire village and is one of the starting points to walk up onto the Kinder plateau.

This was a special walk as its' purpose was to scatter my Dad's ashes as he had requested.
The Kinder area was one of my Dad's favorite places to walk when he used to go walking. 

We were using the Grindsbrook Clough path which starts gently

but gets steep and rocky. All was going well, I was enjoying myself and the dog thought all her birthdays had come at once, when I fell.

I had stepped up onto a rock with my right foot and was bringing my left one up when I lost my balance and fell backwards, leaving my right foot behind. I felt something give in my foot and just knew I wouldn't be able to walk on it.....and I was right! I had to be removed by the local mountain rescue teams - it took 12 people to pull me up a steep hillside on a stretcher to get me back to the village.

It turns out I have broken a bone in my foot and I am now on crutches for at least 6 weeks. It is going to cause all sorts of problems, not least how we are going to look after Little Gromit whilst DD works!

We have enough of 2015,to say it has been a bad year is an understatement! I am asking for peaceful run down to Christmas as we all have had enough! 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Catch up......

........since we went to Venice I haven't really done any sewing or knitting other that sewing half a quilts' binding on at the weekly quilting group I go to. The problem with that is I don't get to go weekly depending on when I have Little Gromit.

What I have been doing is getting into journaling and art journaling but more of that another time.

At the very end of September DD & I took Mum away for a week, to stay with her good friends that run a hotel in Branscombe, near Seaton in Devon. It was rather bitter sweet for her as before Dad was too poorly they used go down twice a year.

The weather was unbelievably good, hot and sunny!

Little Gromit, who is now 20 months, was able to go on the beach several times.

He loved it and keeps talking about now.

We had such a nice week, even though I went down with shingles, fortunately very mildly.

Next week I'll post about a shawl swap and my art journal.