Monday, 27 July 2015

WIPs & things

I have received my parcel from the summer shawl swap I took part in. 

The contents of the parcel

 The shawl!
I love it!

My completed shawl that is now residing in Telford!

I enjoyed knitting it so much I started another shawl - Hitchhiker. I'm knitting it in Knitting Goddess's 4ply and nylon. I'm much further on than this now, it's a nice easy knit.

I have been worrying about my UFOs. I have quite a lot! So this summer I have been trying to work on some of them!

This weekend I worked on these. These 9 patches were from a 2010 international internet swap of 9 patch blocks. I had started putting the setting triangles on them but I'd on;y done a few, they are now all done.

I am hand quilting as you go - I now have 60 blocks to finish! Don't expect to see the finished quilt anytime soon!

I also made a peg bag for DD. 

I also got the binding machine on a lap quilt that I want to send to a cousin that has had bowel surgery. I need to hand sew it down.

These blocks were made in 2011 from Barbara Brackman's blog. I've had a think about how I'm going to set them so I'll get on with them when I get chance. I also did a couple of string blocks last night.

And lastly meet Bella, a 1947 Singer featherweight. She is in quite good condition and is sewing well. I'm chuffed with her.

Tomorrow it will be back to mucking out The Oh! Bearded One's office whilst he is on Scout camp. So far there are 6 bags of shredding and 3 bags of paper for recycling!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice shawls. Have fun putting all your blocks together.

Vicky Hunt said...

You are quite talented! Love the shawls. They are all lovely. The one you sent is so lovely around the bottom. What a beautiful old machine as well. Have a lovely evening!

mamasmercantile said...

Wow, what a delight the old sewing machine is a sight for sore eyes, a real beauty. Stunning shawls and love the fabric you have used for the peg bag. Good luck with all the UFOs.

Lisa J. said...

All those shawls are really beautiful. What a fun swap.