Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Moving slowly

I am moving on thing slowly but surely at the moment. I haven't touched Grand Illusion for a couple of weeks but one afternoon the mood will take me to do a bit more. There is no hurry but I am not putting it away, it will stay hung up until it is ready to go to the quilter (Jude). That way it can't be left to become a UFO!

This quilt went to Jude yesterday and I'll get it back in a couple of weeks. 

The Wild & Goosey crazy over on Facebook as certainly taken hold. These little fellows are addictive. I am doing them in 2 colour ways - Grand Illusion and Civil War. I've got plenty of scraps of both. I am thinking that the Grand Illusion colour way will make a pair of cushions to go with the quilt for our bed.

I am also knitting. This is the first knitting I have done since before Christmas when I knitted my Mum a waistcoat as a Christmas present.

I have started another Attic 24 blanket for  DD, this time in Cath Kidston inspired colours taken from a tin DD owns. I love doing these so much I am planning another one  for Little Gromit, in the colours of the quilt I made him.


sunny said...

Looking pretty ambitious to me! I always like having several projects to choose from each day.

Sue G Johnson said...

All your projects are fabulous. Love what you are doing with Grand Illusion. There are no Quilt Police to bash on the door if you don't have it done by a certain time. I work on a stack of quilting, knitting and cross stitch projects at once, picking them up and putting them down as the mood strikes. These are our hobbies, not our jobs, so need to stay fun, not a chore!

Acorn to Oak said...

Your quilting is fantastic! Wow!

ruthsplace said...

So many lovely projects! I love your Wild and Goosey blocks, the cardigan is going to be stunning and I really like the blanket in progress.

Indigo Blue said...

I love the ideas and colour combinations created at Attic24.