Sunday, 17 August 2014

How I ....... making Advent calender bunting!

At the Festival of Quilts I bought a 2014 Makower advent calendar bunting panel. A lady on Facebooks' Sewing UK had also bought it and was asking for tips on how to put the little stockings together. I said I would show how I was doing mine (although I haven't been able to download the photos to FB as it seems to be playing silly beggers this afternoon)

I roughly cut each stocking out along with the backing fabric (you need 3/4 meter of backing fabric). I turned and pressed in a 1/4 inch seam.

I then positioned 3 inches of very narrow ribbon in a loop in the corner of the stocking-up against the stitching line. 

I pinned the ribbon in place and then stitched it down as I topped stitched both the stocking and its' backing fabric

I then stitched along the stitching line.

The stocking was cut out along the cutting line and the corners & curve clipped.

The stocking was then turned through to the right side and pressed.

I am mounting these stockings on ribbon with buttons stitched 3 inches apart (I saw this idea in my LQS & thought it a good idea as it enables each stocking to be taken off to be filled and emptied).  

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