Thursday, 21 August 2014

A move!

If you read my blog regularly you may remember I turned one of my smaller bedrooms into my sewing room. Well! A few Sundays ago I decided to move from the smaller room to the second double room at the front of the house.

I didn't move in here in the first place as the light isn't so good but as half my stuff was in here anyway it finally made sense. I'd decorated it at the same time as my other sewing room as it had been DD & Gromit's room.

I've bought a rug so little Gromit can play on the floor whilst I putter in here.

You can see how much stuff I've got. It isn't all quilting materials as I also make cards, scrapbook, knit, cross stitch and anything else takes my fancy.

I am having difficulties with the light and the way it hits my sewing machines' needle plate that I haven't fully overcome but the space is great!

Little Gromit, enjoying his rug!


mamasmercantile said...

Beautiful room. Wow, isn't little Grommit coming on.

Diane-crewe said...

GOSH! He is growing so quickly xx Well.. if we all thought things through to save us having to do twice the work ... we would ALL be genius.. es!lol xx

sunny said...

What an adorable little assistant! Your room looks very nice. And (for now) it's all organized. I keep saying I'm going to organize, but every time I start, I move some fabric around and then get inspired for another project. LOL!

ruthsplace said...

Gorgeous space!

clare's craftroom said...

It's a great space, enjoy!