Tuesday, 1 April 2014

2 months old! & poor Meg!

2 months old!

Little Gromit looks much less newborn and is now smiling lots, cooing and gurgling. He is making eye contact with you and is beginning to copy your mouth movements. He loves laying on the floor and having a good old stretch, he also has good head control. He loves his bouncing crocodile and he is beginning to watch T.V. He weighs over a stone, has a good appetite and his sleep pattern is improving, He still sleeps well on the move. He still has a sticky right eye and has had some issues with skin rashes that appear to be related to a cream but these seem to be resolving.

On the other hand poor Meg hasn't been doing so well. Last Thursday the Oh! Bearded One! had taken her out for a longish walk. They were on their way home when they encountered another staffie. Meg was on the lead, the other staffie wasn't. Meg doesn't like other dogs coming up behind her and will give warning growls. On this occasion the other staffie wasn't warned off, just the opposite, it attacked her. It latched onto her left leg and wouldn't let go. She also has a wound in her armpit. She has had to have wounds cleaned up and had to have a drain in. She has been very miserable and quite worried and snappy if we have tried to touch her legs or paws. This worries me no end as she wasn't like that, she would let me do anything, I've taken stitches out twice now. She needs these stitches out next week so I'll see how I get on, if she lets me take them out it will be less stressful than going to the vet.

She has been brighter today. She has been trying to play with her toys, except the cone of shame got in the way and she has been sun bathing which is her second favorite thing to do.


gilly said...

Oh poor little Meg, her tail just tells that she's not a happy hound :-( Hope she heals soon and will be up & about again in no time. I do hope the other dog's owner was remorseful?
As for little Gromit - he is just the cutest!
Have a happy day,

Diane-crewe said...

poor Meg x my smaller dog ..Sam.. was attacked by 2 Jack Russell's who were off the lead .. now he wont let other dogs (apart from Gus .. my "bigger" dog) get near him .. hope she goes on all right .. lots of love and time x Baby is coming on wonderful x

Kath said...

oh poor dear Meg, bless her. I feel for you totally, it's such a sad and worrying time for you all when our dogs are sick or injured. I'm sending her a big hug and or course extra hugs for gorgeous Gromit from his internet-auntie :-D

clare's craftroom said...

Poor Meg I do feel sorry for her.But that baby boy is just delightful!