Monday, 24 March 2014


I've been trying to finish some knitting projects in the last few weeks.

I tend to knit in the evening when I watch TV so this is when I've been having a go at these things.

See my page for finishes for 2014 for the details of the garments above.

I am currently knitting this jacket. I have given myself a strict time limit of early May to get this finished as I want to take it on holiday with me.

In the UK it has been traditional to knit the back & fronts separately, then sew them together but after my less than satisfactory sewing up of 'Stockport' (see 2014 finishes), having had a good look at the pattern I am having a go at knitting the back & fronts together on a circular needle. It has meant acres of stocking stitch but for me, that is fine as I am very happy to knit stocking stitch whilst I'm watching TV. What you see here represents 2 weeks of knitting most evenings.

The yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed DK which I'm loving, it is light but appears strong so I'm hoping it wears well.

A 'Little Gromit' photo, especially for you, Kath

and a very daft one of Molly!


Maggie said...

There's a great feeling of satisfaction when a project is finished. Your knitting is wonderful and I love the jacket you're making. X

Diane-crewe said...

LOVE those last 2 pictures xxx I used to knit all the time but it has got pushed back .. may just take it up again x will be interested to see how you go on with the circular needle method x

Sue said...

I like to knit as I watch TV, too. The little baby garments are sweet and so is the baby.

I know what you mean about postage. It costs a fortune to mail packages out now.