Tuesday, 18 March 2014


The Saturday before last we met up with some friends from Sheffield and went for a walk on the Sheffield/Derbyshire border. The walk started on the moor above Redmires dams, went on over to Stanage Pole and on along Stanage Edge.

The day was cold and windy. Walking over the moor was hard going, very wet peat bogs and the wind combined to nearly make me give up the will to live. It got much easier once we had lunch and started to walk up to Stanage Pole and along the Edge. I haven't done that sort of walk for a long time. It contributed 9 miles to my 250 mile target for the year. It was the sort of walk you enjoy once it over! I was proud completed it as it is such a long time since I did this type of walk.

The Oh! Bearded One! on Stanage Pole

We stayed over in Sheffield and on the Sunday we stopped in Buxton for a walk around. We often go back through Buxton from Sheffield but we haven't had a walk around the town for ages.

Sunday was a beautiful spring day and warm enough to walk around without a coat as you can see by the Oh! Beaded One!

We had a lovely weekend!


ruthsplace said...

Love seeing photos from your part of the world. It looks like a lovely weekend.

Linda Coleman said...

well done on achieving your start to your walk countdown. Great photos.