Thursday, 13 February 2014

Farmer's wife..

I've wanted to jump on the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt bandwaggon for quite a while but I didn't want to make the full quilt and I couldn't decide what fabric to use - modern or civil war. Anyway I saw an idea on Pinterest that only used some of the blocks and I had a light bulb moment - make 24 of the blocks (easier ones, of course) to make a wall hanging for my sewing room measuring in the region of 32-36 inch square.

Photo quality poor as taken with  I-phone
I've also wanted to make a red/cream/beige colourway quilt too, so I decided to use those colours for this quilt.

I found using templates to cut the patches out quite accurate, the blocks I've made so far have gone together very well.

I should be making curtains and a quilt for this little one but these blocks are too much fun! 

I wasn't expecting to see Little Gromit today but I did and managed to get a photo with him with his eyes open - beautiful!


Sara said...

Your blocks will be all lovely in that red/cream colorway. I made a few of the Farmer's Wife blocks too but stopped. You've reminded me that I can still do something with SOME of the blocks anyway. Thanks!

Those chubby baby cheeks just demand to be kissed, don't they?

Kath said...

oh he is just yummee. I love his little fat cheeks!
Your quilt is going to be smashing,I love red and cream. Are you designing and drawing your templates yourself?

Farm Gate Creations said...

The Farmers Wife is on my to do list(one day)and that little bundle of joy is super cute.

Sue said...

It's good to make yourself a gift. I believe in spoiling yourself sometimes. What fun you'll have making thing for Gromit.

CathHeswall said...

I enjoy reading your blog, a fellow patch-worker and retired nurse too. Congratulations on your little grandson, he is lovely.

mamasmercantile said...

Hi I'm Lorraine from Mamasmercantile I have been teamed up with you for the brooch swap. Looking forward to it. Your grandson is gorgeous.