Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Year, New Me......

......Not me, I continue in the same old, same old!

Other than I've been deciding what I want to achieve in January.

In 2007 we had our en-suite and main bathrooms ripped out and new ones put in. Since then I've been meaning to put a blind up at the window of the main bathroom but I never quite got around to it. I bought some lovely flowery fabric out of a John Lewis remnant bin ages ago for it but last week I bought a picture of beach huts for the wall and I decided that the flowery fabric wasn't right.

Yesterday DD & I went to Warrington. I went into the Laura Ashley shop to see if there was anything suitable and found this! It was £30 per metre, £15 in the sale but I paid £12 which is still expensive but much better than £30 per metre!

in this bathroom 3 walls are tiled and one is painted. I painted the wall green in November when I was doing my sewing room and guest bedroom. This fabric is a perfect match so now I must get the blind made (a false Roman one!)

I've been working on a couple of things that have been around for a while! One of them is this Grandmother's flower garden quilt made from a Moda Roman Holiday jelly roll.

I am now sewing the last row in and then the borders can go on. I want to hand quilt it so it won't be completely finished for a while yet but progress is progress!

The other thing I've fetched out to have a go at is this waistcoat. Now I'm not working I wear more jeans and at this time of year, long sleeved T-shirts. I don't wear thick jumpers as I am always hot so waistcoats fit the bill. I did have a grey one but it got shrunk in the wash so I really want to get this one finished.

This is the back and where I am up to now!

DD has been making bunting for the baby's nursery and I am making a cot quilt out of the same fabric which is 'Sunshine Zoo' by Jo Moulton for Wilmington prints. The fabric came from the Fat Quarter shop in the US. I find the Fat Quarter shop gives such a good service and even with the postage costs it still works out cheaper to send there for fabric than buy it in the UK, I am afraid to say, although I do buy some fabric here.

I've got other things to show but they can wait until later in the week!


Kath said...

I love your quilt, it is going to be lovely. The fabrics look so good with the blue.
I was interested to hear that you ordered fabric from USA. I did the same, but £28 of fabric, plus £12 for shipping and £20 taxes we had to pay before the PO would deliver, meant I paid more than double the price of the fabric. Was this your experience?

Mad about Craft said...

Kath - if I use the Fat Quarter shop site, I don't pay taxes - I'm not sure why not. I have used another site and did have to pay tax so I haven't used that site again.

Joyus said...

Lovely projects :D

Sue said...

Wow, you have some neat projects to work on. I really want to finish up some thing that I started long ago., but there are so many new ones that I want to start, too.