Sunday, 19 January 2014

It could be a big week!

It could be a big week this week, as DD's baby is due on Tuesday! She is certainly more than ready, she is tired and her arthritis is giving her a bit of gip (pain). We are all so excited now! But we will just have to wait & see, babies will be born when they are ready, not when we what them!

Today my friend, J & I have been to the Nantwich quilt fabric sale. This is a fabric sale that is held once a year at the Civic Hall. It is quite a popular sale, although the last couple of years haven't been as good (last year was particularly bad because the weather was so bad some of the traders couldn't get there!). This year was much better and really busy! Next year the show moves to Sandbach High School and will be held on 25th January for anyone is fairly local to me.

The green fabric is to make bias (more later in the week), the advent panel & gingerbread man fabric is for my Grandson for next Christmas. The Christmas panel in the right hand corner was from my LQS (Sew Simple at Lady Hayes in Frodsham), I bought it yesterday half price and I bought the group of fabrics in the right hand corner today, to go with it. The 2 charm packs I've wanted for a while and the fabric bundle (just because!) is Moda Luna Notte - 5 half metre cuts working out at £3.50 per half metre - a bargain in this country! 

We had a nice day! The weather was kind, dry and sunny! It was nice to potter about without any pressure.


Sue said...

Oh how I wish we could go fabric shopping together. It's one of my favorite activities and I don't have anyone to go with except Rob and he isn't interested.

Diane-crewe said...

I was there in the afternoon xx SO much fabric ..SO many bargins xx was a bit of a bun fight .. but sooo much fun xx

StitchinByTheLake said...

I do believe she's ready for that baby to pop out! :) May God give her a quick delivery! blessings, marlene