Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hand quilting

I should be making my grandson's quilt and I have done a bit on it but as he hasn't arrived yet (1 week overdue now) I've got a bit longer - lol! Instead I've been plugging away on my hexi quilt

 I am persevering with the hand quilting, even though it is pretty appalling on the back. Due to arthritis in my thumbs I struggle to hand quilt as you are supposed to so I resort to stab stitch which appears fine on the front but I can't get the back to look right at the moment.  

If I show this quilt I hope nobody looks at the back!


Joy Morgan said...

Well the front is looking good. Glad you haven't given up on the hand quilting. And as an old quilter I used to know said. Who's gonna stop a galloping horse to look at that close to.
Also awaiting you baby news. Mine's three weeks old now - doesn't time fly.

Wendy said...

it looks good to me and I doubt anyone will notice, only other quilters would look at details like that