Sunday, 12 January 2014

FNWF & a finish!

On Friday I took part in my first 'Friday Night with Friends'

I already started the blocks so I got them finished on Friday...

.....and got them made up into the flimsy. Hopefully I'll get the top ready for quilting in the coming week. I have already decided how I am going to quilt it.

Last night The Oh! Bearded One cooked tea. Now this is not unusual but we had lobster which is unusual as it is so expensive but Waitrose were selling frozen lobster at a reason price just before Christmas and he had a fancy for one. He did a good job, it was lovely!

Last night I finally finished the hand sewing on my Roman Holiday GMFG quilt top.

Today I got the borders on so it is officially a flimsy! 

I am really pleased with it but I feel I've lost a friend, I've been working on it so long, since 2009 and the flowers are well travelled as I worked on them on quite a few holidays including one in France.

I was going to hand quilt it but now it is finished and I've seen the size of it I can't face it so I will send to Jude to have it done when I can afford it.

Now I can officially start the next GMFG!


Maria said...

Love your GMFG quilt, such pretty colors. And your lobster for tea does look lovely.

Phyllis said...

Lovely quilts. And what a wonderful meal, I love lobster!

Jayne Honnold said...

I had to do a double-take when I saw your mention of Roman Holiday! I have a stash of RH that I have protected better than my wallet and keys!! I think this will be the year that I get into it. I plan to make "Tag Sale" using the FQ pack that has been waiting patiently for me to decide for, oh, maybe 10 or 12 years now?? Anyway, I love your GM hexie garden, and the calm blue background really pops those flowers! Congratulations on a great finish!

Diane-crewe said...

it is wonderful that your quilt is finished you can now stroke it and admire it all the time xx dinner looks wonderful x

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Beautiful quilts, your GMFG is gorgeous!