Monday, 13 January 2014

Being Challenged!

Walking in the Lake District

As you know occasionally I get out for a walk, either on my own with the dog or with 'Oh! Bearded One and the dog. I don't get out enough, basically because I'm too lazy!, especially now I am not working. I have no excuse now!

I have read Lyndsay's recent post on walking a 1000 miles in a year which struck a real cord with me. This stems from a challenge set out in 'Country Walking' a UK walking magazine. 

Now I don't think for a minute I will manage 1000 miles so I am going to challenge myself to walk in excess of 250 miles, which is about 240 miles more than I walked last year!

Anyone else going to have a go? Remember walking is gentle exercise, if you want to lose weight it helps, if you live in the UK you get much needed light!, fresh air and it is free!


Linda Coleman said...

what a great idea. I could challenge myself to get out for a walk twice in the evenings rather than just at the weekend.

loulee said...

Sounds like a good idea to me. Now if it would just stop raining I might be more inclined!

Phyllis said...

Great idea. I will not participate (don't live in the UK), have no idea how much I walk, but I have a dog and since the husband is usually at work and the teenager at school most of the walking is left to me. So I guess I walk a fair bit... I will be following your progress though, enjoy!