Thursday, 23 January 2014

A finish and a quilt!

 Last week I decided to get the bags and boxes of craft stuff residing in the loft. I have been keeping some fabric (mainly quilt backing fabric) and some wool up there for some time as there wasn't room to keep it whilst my DD & Son-in-Law were living with us.

Anyway, as I was going through the boxes I found this hat half knitted. I started it for the Oh! Bearded One several years ago and left it half done. It only took a couple of evenings to finish it! Ridiculous to leave things in the way I do when it doesn't take long to finish things!

If you have followed me for a bit you know I am making the quilt on the front cover of this book. The quilt in the book is a lap sized quilt but I am making mine to fit my king sized bed, nothing if not ambitious!

These hexis represent a quarter of the quilt excluding borders (please excuse Molly, she couldn't help but get in on the scene) 

I'm going to quilt this quilt 'as you go' because I want to hand quilt it and I couldn't manage handling the whole quilt to hand quilt it.

Hand quilting!

The cut out borders!

My bit of paper telling me how long the borders needed to be and where they are going!

One border with its' bias binding 'stalk' to be appliqued on!

This is going to be a long project, I started it in 2012 sometime but haven't spent any concentrated effort on it. One of my life ambitions is to show a quilt so I've decided I want to enter it into the Uttoxeter quilt show in 2015 so I've now got a time scale. Wish me luck! and remind me I need to keep going with it and not leave it to rot in a cupboard!

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