Tuesday, 31 December 2013

End to 2013!

Here we are, at the end of another year! Not the best year in my life! I am glad to see the back of it!

Here's to 2014! The only trouble is that I have a feeling 2014 won't go down in history as the one of the best either but we'll see!

The lows of 2013 were the issues I have had around work. As you may remember this time last year I was having a very bad time in the job I was doing, I went off sick on Jan 4th and left in Feb. I started a new job at the end of Feb and all was looking very good but unfortunately it wasn't to be and I left there in September. I haven't worked since and I am not going to be able to for the indefinite future due to my Dad's precarious health.

At the same time my job was going down the pan my Dad was really poorly again and was hospitalized again for nearly a month ( as he was in Oct 2012). He has recovered to a certain extent but is frail. He has made the decision to give up driving which now means I need to take Mum & Dad shopping and to any sort of appointment they may have as neither of them are able to use taxis or public transport due to their lack of mobility. Dad still has to face 2 operations - fitting of a pacemaker and removal of a kidney stone.

I am not missing work at all but the loss of income is a bit of a worry, although over the years I have found when it comes to money something usually comes along. I still have no desire to return to nursing which is amazing considering how important it was to me for so many years.

Anyway, on to other things! 

I took into my head that I must have a white Christmas tree with gaudy decorations for my sewing room. I was lucky enough to get this one half price in Paperchase.

On the quilty side I have managed more finishes this year.

My 9 patch quilt made from Moda Etchings. Don't you just love the Oh! Bearded One's feet?

Early in the year I jumped on the 'Scrappy Trips around the world' bandwaggon. I love this pattern and have started another one for me. When I started this quilt I didn't have anyone in mind for it but it became apparent it would suit my Dad very well so I finished it in time to give it him for Christmas. He was very pleased with it. The fabric used was 1 & a half jelly rolls - Moda Blessings & Moda Peace on Earth. 

This year's highlight was DD announcing she is to have a baby (which is due on Jan 21st). As she was awaiting an appointment to see about IVF, this was fantastic news.

 Meg & Molly have been faithful quilty companions and I hope they continue to be in 2014.

Have a safe, peaceful and Happy New Year!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

I know I've been missing for ages again! After Christmas I will post about all my recent doings!


Have a very

Happy Christmas!