Friday, 8 November 2013

Here I am!

I've been in funny place this week. I haven't quite left my old life behind and I haven't fully embraced my new life. I have felt out of sorts & a bit in limbo, not really fully depressed, just not quite right. Hopefully I'll settle down over the next few weeks, especially as Christmas is coming up.

I've finished the decorating I wanted to do upstairs this side of Christmas. I want do a little bit downstairs before Christmas.

My sewing room is fully operational now. The photo above shows what it was like.

It now looks like this! 
The little picture that is on the window wall is a watercolour painting that my Dad did in 1994 when he dabbled a bit in watercolour painting. I rescued it when Mum had me go through their spare room and get rid of stuff last month. It won't win prizes or sell for a lot of money but it is special to me.

Getting rid of the blue paint has made a big difference to the quality of the light, especially at night which I love. The room is a temple to Ikea! All the furniture came from there at one time or another, most of it recycled from our kids bedrooms as they grew up, only the wall unit is new as I needed some substantial storage for all my 'stuff''. A lot of this stuff is papercrafting equipment and papers for card making &  scrapbooking. The drawer unit is holding my started quilty projects and sewing equipment.

The wall is a blank canvas waiting for things to be made to hang on it.

I've got the curtains up across the wardrobe space in the spare bedroom, behind here is a large part of my fabric collection.

When I was buying the fabric I've collected over the last few years there were times when I felt guilty about buying it but now I've no income of my own as such I still have a good choice of fabric to make some great quilts over the coming years so I am really pleased about that, it is the same with my knitting yarn stash. 

This photo shows the other side of the spare bedroom. I've moved the bed over and we prefer it. There is still plenty of room for a travel cot when it is required!

Tonight I've christened my sewing room by finishing the quilting on my Moda 'Etchings' quilt that I started back in February. Actually to start and finish a quilt within the same year is really good going for me!

The table setup is working for me which I'm really pleased about. I did spend some time thinking about how I would use the space.

As you are aware I love my kids a lot and I am very proud of them but I have to say I don't miss them living under the same roof. I have halved my food bills and I only do 2 loads of washing a week! I can't get over that! 

DD is enjoying her new home!

Dad is improving slowly I am very pleased to report, it has been a worrying time with him & we aren't finished yet as he has to have the kidney stone removed at the end of the month.


Sue Vaughan said...

Your room is looking lovely! I would love to see your stash behind the curtains!!! The quilt looks beautiful. I am glad your dad is doing well. Kidney stones are dreadful, my dad and brother have had them. Sue x.

Kath said...

what a great post, I did enjoy seeing your before and after transformation. yes, painting over the blue has given you a much lighter, brighter space. How lovely that you have your Dads painting, that's very precious.
I think your storage looks very practical and you are absolutely right, taking plenty of time to think about how you will use the room, is key to the success of your workspace.
Can't wait to see what you make now!

Sue said...

The room looks very inviting, bright and airy. Give yourself time, you have a lot going on just now and soon you'll settle into your new routine.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you put on that blank wall.

Quiltingloulou said...

Nice neat room. I wish mine was like that. The effect now that the blue has gone is much more serene. Happy sewing.