Wednesday, 16 October 2013


It's all change in my house!

DD & Gromit have moved out into their own little love nest about 1.5 miles away from us. Although we got on really well, I am loving the freedom this has brought the Oh! Bearded One & myself. After living with other adults for about 6-7 years it is lovely not to have to think about anyone but ourselves. They have got a really comfortable little house which will serve them well once their baby is born. I've been helping DD with moving 'stuff' and cleaning.

As a result of them moving out I've got a spare bedroom that needed decorating so I am about 3/4 quarters of the way through that, then I've got the bedroom that is going to be my sewing room to decorate, I can't wait, I've been dreaming of having my own sewing room for about 5 years!

The other big thing that is happening is that I am going to leave nursing. In a way it is being forced on me but now I've got my head round it I feel complete relief and I am looking forward to the future. I have absolutely no idea how I am going to earn any money but hopefully something will come along. In the meantime I don't have to worry about my patients, CQC, nursing home management, relatives or the hundred other things that come with nursing and nursing management in the UK at present.

One thing I will be doing is looking after my parents. My Dad is in hospital again (kidney infection & stones this time). When he comes out he is going to need support to get back on his feet & realistically he won't quite get back to where he was before this illness.

Right, back to the paint brush tomorrow! 

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Phyllis said...

Changes indeed! Great that you are going to have your sewing room, you will love it. And more time on your hands to make use of it! Hope your father will feel better soon.