Sunday, 27 October 2013

An update!

This week I've been decorating my sewing room. I completed the painting today, I've worked on the room all day. It has been hard work but very worth it. I can now start moving my stuff back into the room. That is going to take a while as I want to sort through everything and try to part with some fabric and papercraft stuff as I've got more than I'll use in my lifetime, also I need some space for fabric that I can't do without in the future - lol! I want to order a storage unit from Ikea which will help keep the room tidy, other than that I've got everything I need for this room.

I am enjoying getting to grips with some of the things I have wanted to do for the last 5-6 years but have been too busy with work to do. I don't intend to work for a while and I'm not sure what I'll do if I do go back to work. I am certainly not missing nursing which is quite amazing as it has been an integral part of who I am for more than 30 years.

In other news, my Dad has been in hospital for over 3 weeks with pneumonia, a kidney infection and kidney stones. He is now in a community support unit as, although he is medically fit, he is as weak as a kitten and needs to get stronger before he goes back home. He was in hospital this time last year as well. 

It was my birthday in the middle of the week and it is the 2nd birthday he has missed because he has been ill and in hospital, lets hope he doesn't miss a 3rd next year!

It also turns out he has a slow heart rate and is going to need a pacemaker, he also needs the kidney stones sorting out and he has a tube coming from his right kidney at present, something is going to have to be done about this too! It's a good job I'm not working as I need to be available to take him to all his hospital appointments. This illness has made him decide to give up driving.


sunny said...

Prayers for your dad's quick recovery! I like your theory about fabric. It's will be great to have the sewing room all fixed up and ready to go.

Sue said...

You'll enjoy your sewing room so much. Be sure and post pictures when it's all done.

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Rob had kidney stones once and I know how painful they are. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Kath said...

happy belated birthday! I do hope Dad makes a good recovery and is soon back home.
(If you want to find a home for excess fabric, you might consider sending it to me and I will pay the postage. I have just started a junior sewing group, they are aged 7-10 and needing fabric. This month they are making little bags for trick or treating).

Maggie said...

Your room looks lovely. I really like that blue. I hope your dad is feeling batter soon. Xx