Wednesday, 22 May 2013


You know that idea I had yesterday? Well, at least 4 ladies liked the idea so lets go for it.

I'm thinking if we post out our materials to each other by the end of June and return the made items to each other by mid October, I want to leave enough time as we are coming up to the holiday season, I also don't want to put us under too much pressure as this should be fun. Would that work for you?

It would be great if a few more ladies feel up to having a go. Please have a think about it and let me know.

I'll will post the final rules over the weekend.

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Amanda said...

That works well for me, we go away for a week on 24th Junes and then again on16th September so that will give me July and August to make something. I only hope we're not talking king size quilt!