Wednesday, 1 May 2013


There will be silence for 10 days 

As we are off to Scotland tomorrow, first to Edinburgh (to see SofM) and then to a cottage in Plockton.

We are going with the 'Olds' as they are affectionately known in the family, otherwise known as my parents. 

We are going especially to go on the West Highland Railway. The Olds have wanted to go on this for a while and it is now or never as my Dad is getting frailer (he isn't as robust now as he was in this photo). He has had three hospital admissions in 6 months and it has taken its toil. Both of them don't walk well, Dad is worse than Mum so we are going for it before it can't be done at all.

We are having dinner tomorrow night with SofM. We've not seen him since Christmas so it will be good to see him. He will have finished his exams tomorrow so there will be a little celebration!

And burglars don't get excited - DD & Gromit and the very ferocious (ha ha) Meg will still be here!

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Diane said...

Looking forward to seeing what you get up to! The Co-Op in my post was the Brightside & Carbrook branch on Angel Street - next to Castle Market. There have been 3 Co-ops on that site apparantly. I only remember the very 60's one with the open style staircase. xxxxx