Friday, 17 May 2013

Poor Meg!

Don't look if you are squeamish! 

Poor Meg! She is having a bad time at present. She has mega problems with her ears, they build up wax, she has had them cleaned out under sedation before and we have to keep putting drops in them.

The day we went on holiday She developed a huge haematoma (blood blister) on the underside of her ear flap so off to the vet she went. Fortunately my DD was at home and was able to take her for us.

These are the pictures she sent me. She looks very sorry for herself!

She had lots of stitches in the ear flap. Earlier in the week DD & I tried to take the stitches out (being nurses is rather useful). We got 2 thirds of them out but then she got too agitated and I was worried she would try to bit us so she went back to the vet for sedation to get the rest out and the ear was given a good clean out. That was yesterday.

Today she is still wearing her lampshade as she is still shaking her head a lot and if we took it off she would give it such a good scratch she would do serious damage and undo all the good work.

What with her leg and her ears and her allergies she has cost a fortune, fortunately she is insured but the premiums will go up again! Never mind she is worth it and none of our other animals haven't cost much so it all balances out. I'm glad we have got her. I dread to think what would have happened to her if we hadn't rescued her.   


Sue said...

That's the same problem that our Monty used to have. His allergies caused ear infections and he was constantly having them cleaned out. He also had hematomas from being beaten as a pup.

Meg is very lucky to have found you.

Kath said...

Oh bless her, sweet girl. Big hug from Aunty Kath xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

Oh, poor Meg :o( how is she now?