Sunday, 17 February 2013


These are my offerings for the Block a Day Challenge from 1st of Feb to 15th of Feb.

This is what I'm making, I have shown these before - 9 patch blocks!  

This week I've made a sewing machine cover for when the machine is sat on the table, to stop it getting so dusty.

I've put elastic on the sides to keep it in place.

On one side I've put velcro on one side so the elasticated bit goes under the wires so that so I don't have to keep unplugging them.



Sue said...

I really need to make covers for mine plus one for the printer.

Robyn G. said...

Hi Ailsa,
So glad you're joining us.
Love your 9 patch blocks and your new sewing machine cover!
Have a great week ahead xx

helly5 said...

Hi Ailsa,
Your 9 patch blocks look great:) I love the sewing machine cover fabrics.
I have a black cat too, named Coco who loves a good quilt.
I look forward to following you on our BaD Challenge this year.
Kind regards

Jane Galley said...

I keep thinking I should make a cover for my machine, still haven't got round to it. Yours looks lovely, but nicer to look at

ria vogelzang said...

Welcome to the group BaD-girls.... ;))
I'm still smiling every time I type that Challenge..... :)
You made some gorgeous nine-patches; I just love nine-patches!!
And that great sewing-machine-cover! That would also be a great idea for mine!
Enjoy your sewing!!
Love from the Netherlands, Ria.