Sunday, 27 January 2013

A bit of crafting

This week I've got some sewing done including this little bag.
Last Sunday J & I went to the Nantwich fabric sale which is held every year just for one day. This is the 4th year I've been. I have to say it was rather disappointing but the fact it had snowed quite heavily may have influenced some stall holders not to come, there were not as many stall holders as usual and the fabric choice wasn't as good as usual. 

I did buy some fabric including the fabric used for this little bag, it was a FQ bundle from Castle Court Quilters in Shropshire. I love this company, we've been to their shop once which is huge and they also go to the Uttoxter show which is held in April. 
I also got some fabric for borders for my big hexi quilt.
I had fun making this bag. I decided I wanted a little bag to use for my sock knitting so I designed this one, it's turned out quite well.

This fabric range is Moda Figgy Pudding from a few years ago. I have been hoarding it in my stash waiting for the right project to come along. I found the right project here.  Here the fabric is cut out ready to start. I started the quilt yesterday. There has been more unsewing than sewing as I kept getting the HSTs the wrong way round. I've not been in the mood for it today so I've left well alone.

A sock in process to go in my new bag!

And this is fabric I bought to support my LQS on Thursday which was 'International Support your Local Quilt Shop' day. I think I did a good job of supporting mine!!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


What is it with cats and sewing machines? I see many a cat sat near bloggers' sewing machines and my Molly is no exception. The radiator behind the desk may have something to do with it though!

On Saturday afternoon I made these 2 little thread catchers, one for me and one for my friend, J.

The pattern is here

I've recently been working on this and have added another row.

These 9 patch blocks have been made from a Moda Etchings jelly roll. I had started a different quilt but didn't like this fabric for that particular quilt. I'm just going to sew the blocks together without  sashings and borders, then bind it.
I've done more sewing in the last week than I've done in the last 9 months!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What's next?


I'm now signed off sick for 4 weeks which covers half my notice period, I know I'll get signed off for the rest if I want it. It is a week now since I last worked and thought of going back to any sort of nursing shift at present is enough to give me a panic attack. I am very de-motivated, I've spent several days in my nightie, today being one of them and I can sleep for Britain.
I have done a little bit of quilting. I've started putting the sashings on my Civil War quilt. I need to make some more blocks as I want to make it bigger, to fit this bed. I've also managed to start a little bit of decluttering. I am going to have to push myself a bit as I am much better if I have things to do.
Going back to the job front, I am going have to make a decision as what I wan to do next. I'm very lucky as I am a nurse there are a lot of jobs available even with the UK's high unemployment. When you put your CV on job sites you get pestered by every recruitment agency going. The trouble with that is that they will push management jobs at me because of my job history - I don't want another management job, I don't want that stress. I know beggars can't be choosers I would love to do something different, still in nursing as I  love nursing and I can't imagine doing anything else but after nearly 20 years in care homes I think it is time for a change as they don't get any easier to work in. I think I will go with plan A and sign on with an agency and keep my eye open for other openings. The Oh! Bearded One will have a fit if I don't get a job as he will start worrying about money so I will have to pull my finger out!
On Sunday it is the Nantwich Fabric Sale. My friend, J and I are going which is something to look forward to. I haven't done any serious fabric buying for months!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

All Over

It's all over! I've resigned and gone off sick as I can't stand it any more. This job has got more and more stressful over the last 3 months and I'm not up to it. This care home is too difficult and has too many problems but the company isn't recognising that. I've only gone off sick because the company didn't have the courtesy to have a face to face discussion with me before they advertised my job. I had made my mind up that it wasn't the job for me and I had no trouble accepting that my line manager was going to accept my resignation , it is best for me and best for the home. What I'm upset about is the fact that my line manager let me work for 3 days as if nothing had happened and that if I has second thoughts I may have had a chance of rescinding my notice if I wanted to but behind my back the e-mail (not a formal letter) had gone to HR, a letter had been issued (that I received today) and my job had been advertised! Also because it was in the company's best interests they wanted me to partially work as a nurse on the floor, rather than a manager. I feel too stressed to work safely as a nurse at present, also my Dad has been in hospital since Saturday with a kidney stone (due to work I haven't been able to visit him). He came out today and I want to be around for both Mum & Dad.
I am supposed to work 8 weeks notice but I am going to stay off sick for at least a month and have a break. I've not had a proper break for over a year as every holiday I've had has been interrupted by work in one way or another, then i intend to sign up with an agency which will allow me to earn money whilst I decide what I would like to do next.

Right, here's to the rest of my life, whinge over and MORE QUILTING, hurray!!!