Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Poor old Meg is going to have to have surgery on her back left knee joint
Like a lot of dogs she has developed degenerative disease in her knee joint. The Oh! Bearded One has been going backwards and forwards to the vets with her so he understands better what is going to need to be done but she goes and sees a specialist vet on Monday.
We had 2 days of whinging (Staffies are specialist whingers) after the exploratory surgery last week so what she will be like after more major surgery I dread to think!

It's going to be murder as her excercise is going to be curtailed and she isn't going to understand but hopefully it will be worth it as she is only 4 and has years of active life in front of her.


Little House on the Hill said...

Hope all goes well out little poodle has had 2 operations on his knee. He is now 14 and doing fine.

Cheers Pauline

Amanda said...

Poor Meg, and poor you too. You'd better lay in a goodly supply of doggy and people treats to help things along.

Kath said...

Oh poor Meg. I used to volunteer for a rescue and I know how melodious is a Staffie voice! I have not met another breed who has such a range LOL
I'm sure her surgery will go smoothly and it will give her a trouble free future.

Big hug for meg from Aunty Kath x

Linda Coleman said...

hope everything goes well with Meg's surgery

Annabelle said...

Good luck to meg. xx

Kim said...

Hope she recovers well from her surgery - in my experience, nothing perks a pooch up like fresh chicken :)