Monday, 10 September 2012

Hexi tutorial

As you are aware I am making this quilt from this book

I am using 5 inch Civil War repro fabric charm squares. I've bought many Moda charm packs to give lots of variety. Once I've used what I need for this quilt I'll have great fun making something else with the leftovers (I think there will be a lot of leftovers - lol).

The quilt size in the book is a large lap size but I've decided I want it to fit our king size (UK size) bed so I'm making it bigger. I started off making the first strip I made long, 22 hexies long. As I started adding the next strip I realised the quilt was going to be too big to handle easily so I am making the strips 11 hexies long and 11 wide and then I intend to hand quilt these sections before I add the sections together to make up the whole quilt.

I'm using these pre cut papers which are imported from the US. I bought mine through Hannah's Room. They are often at quilt shows and they do a good mail order service.

I thought I would show you how I make up my hexis.

There is no need to cut down the charm square but if you cut squares from FQs or yardage you only need to cut the squares 4.5 inches square. When I first started to make up hexis I used to baste through the fabric and the papers but now I use paper clips to hold the fabric in place whilst I baste the hexi  

I'll trim the excess fabric once all the hexis are sewn together

For the diamonds I am cutting the charm square in half and then cut each half down a bit.

I am trying not to give too much info about the actual pattern as I don't want infringe the copyright of the book.   

The photo isn't upside down, I'm left handed. I lay the hexis/diamonds next to each other rather than on top of each other to whip stitch them together - a tip I picked up on someone else's blog (can't remember whoses), the front looks neater and the stitches are much less visable.


Kath said...

Lovely fabrics you chose. I think this is going to be a beautiful quilt and a real heirloom. I have never tried basting just the fabric, I always go through the paper, but I use quite thin paper.
Looking forwrd to seeing this progress.

Glinda ♥ said...

Hi there, thank you for following me - now I get to follow you too and see the lovely things you make. You are very talented. I shall browse through your previous posts :)

Bari Jo said...

Thank you for the tips - your quilt is going to be gorgeous! I have that book - I need to get it out! I do the hexies like you do with paper clips, too. I had not heard about laying them side by side to whip stitch together - can't wait to try it - I had been lying them RST. I have a trick for you I learned from another place long ago - use a hole punch in the center of the paper pieces before starting - it helps to pop out the papers when it is time - you can insert anything, pencil, crochet hook, hemostate etc into the little punched hole and pop those guys right out - see if you like it!