Sunday, 9 September 2012


Back in October 2011 I was 50 and our group of friends and the Oh! Bearded One collectively bought me a 1 hour flying lesson and a photo shoot.
On Wednesday we got round to going for the flying lesson. We had to go to Carlisle airport which is a small local airport that was orginally built in the war to train RAF pilots

The plane was a Piper, a 4 seater plane. I sat on the left hand side and the Oh! Bearded One sat in the back.
We flew over the Lake District which was great as we know it well so it was nice to it from above as we don't normally see it from that angle. I took the controls for about 10-15 minutes. I wasn't that bothered about actually flying the plane, I was more interested in the views (I did take some video but I'm not boring you with that!)

Coming into land! - not by me!

Our flight instructor!
It was great fun and I would do it again.
I've got the photo shoot on 18th Sept.

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Linda Coleman said...

what a great gift. looks like you had a great day