Friday, 24 August 2012

Festival of Quilts part 2

Here is Festival of Quilts part 2
Photos don't do justice the work that has been put into a lot of the pieces on display.

This is a very funky bed, the other side of the bed head is also as detailed.

a handbag too nice to use!

I loved these two wall hangings

This was part of a larger quilt, I loved this bit though

 I also loved this wall hanging, can you see a theme here?
This one was on the winners wall-spot on for this Jubilee year.

This quilt was also on the winners wall, it was made by the same ladies that made the Meerkat one that won last year.

I absoluately loved these dogs, I can just see them getting up and walking off!
Part 3 tomorrow!


Kath said...

Oh yes! they are exactly like my 2 dogs. I love those greyhounds too.

Anonymous said...

My quilt seems to have an underground online following! Check back tomorrow- I have just finished another one, this is still my favourite though.

You saw loads of things at FoQ that I don't remember seeing- I'm glad you directed me to your blog :)