Thursday, 30 August 2012

Southport Flower Show

A couple of weeks ago I went on a trip with 8 residents and staff to Southport Flower Show. It was the first time I have been. It is a big show and we didn't round half of it because it is difficult pushing wheelchairs around when there are a lot of people and it is very hot. We had one of the sunniest,
 hottist days of this summer, despite sun block the residents all caught the sun. I really would like to go again with the Oh! Bearded One as we love shows like this.

Just a few photos of the flowers, it was too wet underfoot to push a wheelchair over the grass in the marquees as it had rained very heavily on the run up to the show.

This clown bike was giving the kids rides.
My only day out in the sun this year!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What I bought at FOQ!

My hoard from Festival of Quilts.
Civil War repros for my EPP hexi quilt.

Lynette Anderson fabric, I had bought the book from Amazon prior to the show. This fabric is sooo cute!

The Janome bobbin holder is for FMQ, I am hoping it will help my FMQ tension as I have had difficulty with it.

The neutral and the pack of red fabric are for doing some redwork Christmasy things. The charm pack is for sashing my Barbara Brackman Civil War BOW blocks

A little cross stitch pattern.

I bought this FQ just because it was so cute.

The green fibres are for a little canvas work project I'm going to do with my friend Jan, when we get round to it.

A very cute redwork project that has moved  on since this photo. I'm going to use some of the Lynette Anderson fabric to border it.
Some sewing tomorrow!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Festival of Quilts part 3

These are the last of my choices from this year's Festival of Quilts
I thought he was such a happy chappy, I couldn't resist a photo of him

Enlarge this photo to see the detail on it, amazing!

I liked the colour combination of this one, although I am not usually a fan of batiks, I see the odd one I like.

This one really appealed to me, I loved the colours in it and I paricularly like the centre.

The photo doesn't do this one justice.

 I loved the colour combination on this one and the quilting was fantastic.

This one was the winner in the traditional section and I loved it!

That's it for my selection. I really enjoyed the show & tomorrow I'll show what I bought.
Jan & I only every other year so next year I'll be interested to see other people's selections.

Saturday, 25 August 2012


At this year's Festival of Quilts Hexagon quilts featured heavily..........and they were beauties!!! 


I really loved this one, absolutely beautiful!

Unfortunately this one wasn't laying flat but the colours were lovely and it was really pretty.

This one was in the miniature section and was tiny! Something like 12 inches by 10

This one was quite small and I particularly liked the border.

All of them were absolutely beautiful.
Barbara Brackman has done a blog post on old hexi quilts on her blog, Quilt 1812, take a look, the quilts featured are out of this world if you are into EPP as I am.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Festival of Quilts part 2

Here is Festival of Quilts part 2
Photos don't do justice the work that has been put into a lot of the pieces on display.

This is a very funky bed, the other side of the bed head is also as detailed.

a handbag too nice to use!

I loved these two wall hangings

This was part of a larger quilt, I loved this bit though

 I also loved this wall hanging, can you see a theme here?
This one was on the winners wall-spot on for this Jubilee year.

This quilt was also on the winners wall, it was made by the same ladies that made the Meerkat one that won last year.

I absoluately loved these dogs, I can just see them getting up and walking off!
Part 3 tomorrow!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Festival of Quilts 2012

I have around in blogland, just not writing any posts, too lazy!!!
My friend, Jan and I went to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham. This year I took quite a lot of photos and here are some of them

I'll be back with more.