Monday, 16 July 2012


I've been very quiet round here lately but I'm around, plugging away at things. Work has been quite time consuming in the last couple of weeks which is to be expected. My tooth or lack of tooth has been a bit of a nightmare. I've had something called a 'dry socket', this is where the socket doesn't bleed enough after the tooth has been removed and doesn't form a large enough plug so the nerves are exposed. It was very painful for a couple of days until I went back to the Dentist to have a special dressing put in, it is still a little uncomfortable but I think it is on the right track now.

A few weeks ago I started this cardigan with this pattern. I decided I wasn't happy with the pattern so ripped it back and started again with another pattern. I've not bothered taking a photo as it looks pretty much the same at present. I've also knitted a scarf that I've also not photographed yet. 

At the end of June we were on holiday in the Lake District (photos to come when downloaded from DDs camera as mine went pear shaped whilst away, now got a new one). As per this year's British summer we had some rain and we were staying in a self catering cottage I took my sewing machine and got all these blocks finished and some more besides.

I will pull my finger out and photograph what I have been up to!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I'm not a happy teddy today, I've had to have a tooth out. I had x-rays taken at the dentist about a month ago which showed decay deep in a back tooth. The dentist wasn't sure then that he could fill it and save it. when he started to drill it today it was obvious he couldn't so out it has come.

I'm not happy to lose a tooth but I'm glad to not have toothache, which I've had for more than a month. I should have have had an important meeting for work this afternoon but it was cancelled, i'm so glad as I've spent the day resting.

Next week I've got to go and have a filling as the bad tooth has affected the tooth next to it. Oh! fun!!!!