Monday, 25 June 2012

Sheffield visit

As long time readers will be aware I originally come from Sheffield, the city of steel.

In May I went over to celebrate my best friend's 50th birthday. We have been friends since we were 12 and we are godmothers to each others' children. Her eldest daughter  organised her party as a surprise.

It was my job to keep my friend entertained during the day so we went for a walk around the city centre and did a bit of shopping.

I went on a trip down memory lane. As a child I went to pantomimes at the Montgomery Theatre

When the Oh! Bearded One and I were 'courting' (a lovely expression don't you think?) we used to eat here, the pizzas were lovely!

This building that now houses Starbucks used to be the Public Analysts' office where the Oh! Bearded One's Dad worked as the Chief Public Analyst for the city at the end of the 1960's and throughout the 70's before he retired in 1982.
This is the Graves public library (Yorkshire pudding does a good post about Graves here).
As a teenager I used to volunteer in the children's section every Saturday morning, afterwards I would meet my Dad in the adult section, we would choose our books and then go home for lunch. Mum worked full time during the week in those days so on Saturday mornings she would do her housework.

This police phone box has been here for ever but I'm sure it used to be painted blue!

This construction is called the Winter Garden. This structure replaced a 1970's building that was the Town Hall extension which was known locally as the 'egg box' as it's outward appearance resembled a cardboard egg box! This is much more pleasant.

There is my trip down memory lane.


Linda Coleman said...

what great photos of what was obviously a much enjoyed day

Archie the wonder dog said...

Thanks for the photos of Sheffield - I lived there as a student and loved it!!!