Thursday, 21 June 2012

Quilting, honest!

Be warned1 a lot of photos!

On 9th June I went on a quilting workshop, we made wonder blocks (see below for a photo)


The course tutor also sells fabric and I bought this fabric. It is Fabric Freedom's Marbled Magic. It is way out of my usual comfort zone, bearing in mind I'm a Moda girl but these fabrics spoke to me. I would have regretted it had I not bought them. On the Saturday night I mulled ideas over in my mind and came up with these blocks. I spent the Sunday making them. In the first photo I haven't put in the blocks with the white and black fabric but they are in the second photo. I am undecided as to whether to put them in or not, what do you think-with or without? Please comment.

I'm knitting. Yes, I know, another new start but this cardi is for work. The company has orange, white and grey as its' corporate colours and I will be getting a grey suit with a scarf with white, orange and grey in it. I'm not a suit girl, I can't sit and work in a jacket and I know that it going to be cold in my office in the winter, so hence the cardi in one of the corporate colours.

A fabric purchase! Moda Biltzen, no idea what I'll use it for but it makes for good stash enhancement.

Another quilt in the making. This is a jelly roll race quilt (I didn't race to make it though, although it took 3 hours from beginning to this point) made from Moda Athill. This quilt is for my friend's 50th birthday. She was 50 in May and I had started a different quilt but the fabric didn't match her bedroom so we chose this fabric.

She wanted fabric with liliac in it.

To bring out the liliac more, I'm going to put a narrow border of the plain liliac and a wider border of the big liliac print shown below. 

I'm going to have this quilted by Jude!

Half a jelly roll quilt! At the same time as I bought the Fabric Freedom fabric I bought a Moda scrap bag with this fabric in it, which I think is Kate Spain's Fandango. I've made it up to use as a charity quilt for work. I will quilt this myself, I'm not sure how yet.

These are 3 types of Wonder block from the workshop on 9th June. There are 4 more types of block to make. This fabric was from my stash and is various Moda Fig tree & Co.


loulee said...

I think, with the black and white blocks.

Sue said...

I vote for without. I think it's more dramatic without them and I guess I like drama. Who knew?

The cardigan idea is a good one. It is hard to work in a bulky jacket.

Nicola said...

Love that Blitzen fabric by Basic Grey - I'm hoping to get some when I go to the festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August!!