Saturday, 16 June 2012

Lost in time

I've got lost in time! As you can imagine work has taken over my life, this week I've worked 57 hours so far and I'm going to have work tonight as we are short of a qualified nurse. Today I've slept all day. I have to this week has been the worst for working long hours so far, I don't think it will be the norm but I've had a lot to do before I have 2 weeks holiday, trouble is I haven't managed to do very much I need to do, other things have taken over, hopefully I'll get caught up tonight. Don't think I'm whinging, I'm really enjoying the job. 

On Monday we go up to Edinburgh for Son of Mine's graduation ceremony on Tuesday which I'm looking forward to it. He has got a 2.2 in Chemistry and he is hoping to go on and complete a Masters' course. He will be still in Edinburgh so I'll have a few more trips up there as I love it.

I have done some sewing finally, I'll show and tell later in the week as I've left my camera cable at work. I am also knitting! Last Saturday I went on a workshop with my quilting group which was great and I love the quilt we are making. The tutor also sells fabric and I bought some FQs from her. The FQs gave me an idea that I just had to have a go at which I think is going to work well - so photos coming up.

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