Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hand work

Over recent weeks I've been doing some hand piecing.

I've started the quilt on the front cover of this book. I saw the book on someone's blog (sorry, can't remember who) and fell in love. I had to start the quilt as soon as I received the book.

The hexis measure 2 inches and I'm using charm packs

I've added to the pile of both charm squares and hexis since these photos.

I've been adding to these little 3.5 inch squares as well.

Meet Horace owl! My friend, jan made him for me, he is just sooooo cute!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Sheffield visit

As long time readers will be aware I originally come from Sheffield, the city of steel.

In May I went over to celebrate my best friend's 50th birthday. We have been friends since we were 12 and we are godmothers to each others' children. Her eldest daughter  organised her party as a surprise.

It was my job to keep my friend entertained during the day so we went for a walk around the city centre and did a bit of shopping.

I went on a trip down memory lane. As a child I went to pantomimes at the Montgomery Theatre

When the Oh! Bearded One and I were 'courting' (a lovely expression don't you think?) we used to eat here, the pizzas were lovely!

This building that now houses Starbucks used to be the Public Analysts' office where the Oh! Bearded One's Dad worked as the Chief Public Analyst for the city at the end of the 1960's and throughout the 70's before he retired in 1982.
This is the Graves public library (Yorkshire pudding does a good post about Graves here).
As a teenager I used to volunteer in the children's section every Saturday morning, afterwards I would meet my Dad in the adult section, we would choose our books and then go home for lunch. Mum worked full time during the week in those days so on Saturday mornings she would do her housework.

This police phone box has been here for ever but I'm sure it used to be painted blue!

This construction is called the Winter Garden. This structure replaced a 1970's building that was the Town Hall extension which was known locally as the 'egg box' as it's outward appearance resembled a cardboard egg box! This is much more pleasant.

There is my trip down memory lane.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Quilt Show

I'm on 2 weeks annual leave from work at present so when I found out about a quilt show that is on this week I thought I would go and have a look. I went on Wednesday afternoon and I had a lovely afternoon. The quilt show was held in the village of Gresford, near Wrexham, on the English/Welsh border. It is a very pretty little village.

The quilt show is divided between the church and the village hall and is held every year. I came to know about from the tutor on my workshop day on 9th June. She has a fabric stall here and I wanted some more fabric for my red and black squares quilt which was another incentive to go to the show.

The village has a big duck pond.

The pond is lovely and there were loads of ducks which really enjoyed being fed.

 The displays in the church.


I love this quilt, I love the colours. This quilt was made by Dot Sherlock, my tutor on 9th June. The fabric is Moda Collections for a cause.


This quilt is called Jewel box and was made by Dot.

This quilt was also made by Dot. I didn't realise who had made these quilts until I looked at the catalogue this morning. 

This quilt was made by Dilys Fronks. 

This one is cute.

There were other crafts on display, embroidery, photography and knitting.

The main exhibit was this! The Meerkats. I love this piece and it has been shown at Festival of Quilts last year and Uttoxeter this year and goodness knows where else. There is an article about it in the July copy of British Patchwork & Quilting as well which I just happened to buy on Wednesday afternoon too.

One of the contributors is Dilys Fronks who is famous in the British quilting world, she has written books and often speaks at quilting gatherings.

The detail on this piece is amazing. I can't wait to see what this group has produced for the this years' Festival of Quilts.

Another famous British quilter that is part of the quilting group here, is Sue Briscoe. The group is very lucky to have such talent amongst them. One of Sue's books is on my Amazon wish list.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Quilting, honest!

Be warned1 a lot of photos!

On 9th June I went on a quilting workshop, we made wonder blocks (see below for a photo)


The course tutor also sells fabric and I bought this fabric. It is Fabric Freedom's Marbled Magic. It is way out of my usual comfort zone, bearing in mind I'm a Moda girl but these fabrics spoke to me. I would have regretted it had I not bought them. On the Saturday night I mulled ideas over in my mind and came up with these blocks. I spent the Sunday making them. In the first photo I haven't put in the blocks with the white and black fabric but they are in the second photo. I am undecided as to whether to put them in or not, what do you think-with or without? Please comment.

I'm knitting. Yes, I know, another new start but this cardi is for work. The company has orange, white and grey as its' corporate colours and I will be getting a grey suit with a scarf with white, orange and grey in it. I'm not a suit girl, I can't sit and work in a jacket and I know that it going to be cold in my office in the winter, so hence the cardi in one of the corporate colours.

A fabric purchase! Moda Biltzen, no idea what I'll use it for but it makes for good stash enhancement.

Another quilt in the making. This is a jelly roll race quilt (I didn't race to make it though, although it took 3 hours from beginning to this point) made from Moda Athill. This quilt is for my friend's 50th birthday. She was 50 in May and I had started a different quilt but the fabric didn't match her bedroom so we chose this fabric.

She wanted fabric with liliac in it.

To bring out the liliac more, I'm going to put a narrow border of the plain liliac and a wider border of the big liliac print shown below. 

I'm going to have this quilted by Jude!

Half a jelly roll quilt! At the same time as I bought the Fabric Freedom fabric I bought a Moda scrap bag with this fabric in it, which I think is Kate Spain's Fandango. I've made it up to use as a charity quilt for work. I will quilt this myself, I'm not sure how yet.

These are 3 types of Wonder block from the workshop on 9th June. There are 4 more types of block to make. This fabric was from my stash and is various Moda Fig tree & Co.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

SofM's Graduation

As you were aware we have been up to Edinburgh for SofM's graduation ceremony.

We were really lucky with the weather, it was sunny and warm

The bagpipes were played

and SofM looked very smart. 

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Lost in time

I've got lost in time! As you can imagine work has taken over my life, this week I've worked 57 hours so far and I'm going to have work tonight as we are short of a qualified nurse. Today I've slept all day. I have to this week has been the worst for working long hours so far, I don't think it will be the norm but I've had a lot to do before I have 2 weeks holiday, trouble is I haven't managed to do very much I need to do, other things have taken over, hopefully I'll get caught up tonight. Don't think I'm whinging, I'm really enjoying the job. 

On Monday we go up to Edinburgh for Son of Mine's graduation ceremony on Tuesday which I'm looking forward to it. He has got a 2.2 in Chemistry and he is hoping to go on and complete a Masters' course. He will be still in Edinburgh so I'll have a few more trips up there as I love it.

I have done some sewing finally, I'll show and tell later in the week as I've left my camera cable at work. I am also knitting! Last Saturday I went on a workshop with my quilting group which was great and I love the quilt we are making. The tutor also sells fabric and I bought some FQs from her. The FQs gave me an idea that I just had to have a go at which I think is going to work well - so photos coming up.