Friday, 6 April 2012

Nth Yorks coast

This post is very photo heavy, I'm afraid.

Last weekend the Oh! Bearded One and I went to spent a few days on the North Yorkshire coast with a group of friends. Normally when we go away with this group of friends we stay in hotels but this time we stayed in these self catering cottages. I really enjoyed the weekend. it was much more laid back as we didn't have to get up early to go down to the dining room for breakfast.

The photo above shows a very famous Whitby landmark, the whalebone arch on the West cliff. Whitby had become a centre for whaling by the end of the 18th century and this arch represents that. This link gives lots of information about Whitby.

On the East cliff is the ruins of Whitby Abbey. Whitby attracts a lot of Dracula fans as Whitby featured in the book of the same name.

The view over the harbour from the West cliff

The Magpie Cafe is famous all over Yorkshire for its' fish and chips. There is always a queue outside! I have eaten there once a long time ago.

The lifeboat! A British seaside resort is not a resort without a lifeboat! The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is famous for its' rescue work and is very necessary. 

Captain Cook with a seagull on his head!

Tomorrow Robin Hood's Bay!


Diane said...

Whitby is great - I'm off there for a very brief stay in a couple of weeks.xx

Linda Coleman said...

beautiful photos, looks like you had a great time