Wednesday, 4 April 2012


In the 3rd week of March I went up to Edinburgh to spend 3 days with SofM. I had a lovely time and it was really nice to see SofM and meet his flat mate.

These photos show a rather splendid cup cake and cake shop. SofM bought a cup cake here and I  meant to go back and buy some to bring home with me but I forgot.

SofM and I went to a museum (post on that another time) one afternoon, otherwise I shopped until I dropped.

At present I mostly wear uniform for work with one day a week in my own clothes and some weeks I wear uniform all week. In my new job I will be wearing my own clothes all the time. I have enough suitable clothing to start off with but I needed to add to it, especially appropriate shoes. High heels kill me as I'm not used to wearing them so I have bought some smart flat ones that will work with dresses, skirts and trousers. I bought 4 dresses (I love dresses and at present there are loads in the shops that suit me). One dress was from Marks & Spencers' outlet at Gretna Green and it only cost £2.49!!! I also bought a skirt and a top (athough this isn't for work). I now need to look out for some really summery clothes as I have very few summery clothes, I'm a more winter clothes person. 

Gretna Green is famous for runaway wedddings - click on the link for infomation.

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