Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Part of our back garden is on quite a large slope and at the top is the fence you can see in this photo. At the back of our houses are some very large Victorian houses with big back gardens and mature trees. This means lots of birds, especially as our neighbours have a large feeding station in their garden. Our upstairs windows are level with the sloping garden and the fence so when I am in SofM's bedroom (future permanent sewing room, currently temporary sewing room) I can spend hours watching birds.

The other day when I was in there this wood pigeon spent ages sat on the fence, it is a well fed pigeon so probably has a hard time to take off!

Wood pigeons are the commonest UK pigeon and can be a nuisance in towns and cities. In Northwich a lot of the buildings with wooden carvings on them have wire netting on them to stop them roosting and pooping. I'm not keen on them in our towns and cities, I hate the way they fly just above your head looking for food, also they can carry disease so as a nurse I'm doubly not keen.

Anyway this one kept me amused for about an hour and a half! 


Annabelle said...

We also get lots of pigeons and I also am not keen, however love having other birds around the feeder. Yesterday two goldfinch, which I followed with binoculars from the conservatory - a lovely way to waste time. xx

Louise said...

Hello there, thanks for following my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to do so!

I love watching the birds too, but I don't have as much time to sit and stare as I'd like!!


Dani - tkdchick said...

That would of definitely kept my cats amused!!!