Monday, 26 March 2012


I'm not doing any quilting at present due to working and days away but I'm knitting. Last week I spent 3 days in Edinburgh, spending some time with SofM and this coming weekend we are in North Yorkshire for a long weekend.

The above photo shows the start of a waistcoat (I've mislaid the pattern) but I am finding the cables hard on my hands so I am only doing the odd row here and there, also I won't wear this until the backend. 

It is being knitted in this!

The other thing I'm knitting is a little cardigan with short sleeves

The left front which is now finished and the right front is started.

It is being knitted in this!

2 new pattern books

The first of a pair of socks!


Linda Coleman said...

love the wool you're using for the socks

Sue said...

I just started knitting this week after giving my sore hand three months to rest. I'm trying to take frequent breaks and so far, no pain.

I've been thinking about you and hope the new job is going well.