Friday, 2 March 2012

Charity quilt day!

Last Saturday (before I went down with the lurgy) I attended Hartford Quilters workshop day. The very kind ladies historically spend a day or so a year making quilts for a charitable cause. This year they agreed to make some small lap quilts for my nursing home which I am very grateful for, especially as I've not been in the group very long.

These photos show where we had got up to by the end of the day.

The ladies could decide what pattern they wanted to use and a lot of them chose the railfence block that I'd used for my quilt (see last photo)

A lot of the fabric had been donated by a lady I don't know but I'm very grateful to her. 

You may remember this quilt. This is one of the 4 charity quilts I made last year but hadn't finished. I spend the morning quilting it, it just needs binding now. I've nearly finished hand stitching the binding on another and the 2 others need quilting.

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Stephanie said...

Quilters are so generous. These quilts will provide not only comfort but a smile. Great job to everyone.