Friday, 3 February 2012

New fabric

I know the Nantwich fabric sale was 2 weeks ago but I'm only just getting around to posting my fabric purchases.

A range of civil war repros to add to my ever growing stash of repros. I love this type of fabric and I have seen some of the most wonderful quilts made from them so I have to keep collecting. I've had to buy a bigger box to keep them in! 

 I have recently joined a quilt group - Hartford Quilters. This year we are going to be making a mystery quilt and these are the fabrics I've bought for it. I just hope they will work as I love the fabrics even though plummy colour is really out of my comfort zone.

These fabrics are a half metre each and I bought them 'just beacuse'. Again the colour range is out of my normal comfort zone but I love them. At present I've know idea what I'll make with them but the right thing will come along. 

I think these FQs were a £1 each and I thought they would make a nice table runner or mat to give as a present.

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Sue said...

I would love to go fabric shopping, but I have to use some of my stash before I can even think about it.