Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I love robins and for me they are synonymous with Christmas. When buying Christmas cards I'm always drawn to ones with robins on. I love watching them in the garden, cheeky,beady eyes, always watchful.


Fiona said...

I agree... the Robins are lovely... we don't have those here but I am always excited to see them when I visit your homeland...

Sue said...

Every year we receive a card from our dear friend in England that has a robin on the front.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday.

Cath said...

I love Robins too but until a recent visit to Ireland, I had never seen a real one. There I was looking out of the window of the B&B and a robin landed nearby. Unfortunately, my camera wasn't nearby....drat! I didn't see it again :(
Cath :)